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JUMP, verb. (intransitive) To propel oneself rapidly upward, downward and/or in any horizontal direction such that momentum causes the body to become airborne.
JUMP, verb. (intransitive) To cause oneself to leave an elevated location and fall downward.
JUMP, verb. (transitive) To pass by a spring or leap; to overleap.
JUMP, verb. (intransitive) To employ a parachute to leave an aircraft or elevated location.
JUMP, verb. (intransitive) To react to a sudden, often unexpected, stimulus (such as a sharp prick or a loud sound) by jerking the body violently.
JUMP, verb. (intransitive) To employ a move in certain board games where one game piece is moved from one legal position to another passing over the position of another piece.
JUMP, verb. (transitive) To move to a position in (a queue/line) that is further forward.
JUMP, verb. (transitive) To attack suddenly and violently.
JUMP, verb. (transitive) To engage in sexual intercourse.
JUMP, verb. (transitive) To cause to jump.
JUMP, verb. (transitive) To move the distance between two opposing subjects.
JUMP, verb. (transitive) To increase the height of a tower crane by inserting a section at the base of the tower and jacking up everything above it.
JUMP, verb. (cycling) (intransitive) To increase speed aggressively and without warning.
JUMP, verb. (transitive) (obsolete) To expose to danger; to risk; to hazard.
JUMP, verb. (transitive) (smithwork) To join by a buttweld.
JUMP, verb. To thicken or enlarge by endwise blows; to upset.
JUMP, verb. (quarrying) To bore with a jumper.
JUMP, verb. (obsolete) To coincide; to agree; to accord; to tally; followed by with.
JUMP, verb. (intransitive) (computing) To start executing code from a different location, rather than following the program counter.
JUMP, noun. The act of jumping; a leap; a spring; a bound.
JUMP, noun. An effort; an attempt; a venture.
JUMP, noun. (mining) A dislocation in a stratum; a fault.
JUMP, noun. (architecture) An abrupt interruption of level in a piece of brickwork or masonry.
JUMP, noun. An instance of propelling oneself upwards.
JUMP, noun. An instance of causing oneself to fall from an elevated location.
JUMP, noun. An instance of employing a parachute to leave an aircraft or elevated location.
JUMP, noun. An instance of reacting to a sudden stimulus by jerking the body.
JUMP, noun. A jumping move in a board game.
JUMP, noun. A button (of a joypad, joystick or similar device) used to make a video game character jump (propel itself upwards).
JUMP, noun. (sports) (horses) An obstacle that forms part of a showjumping course, and that the horse has to jump over cleanly.
JUMP, noun. (with on) An early start or an advantage.
JUMP, noun. (mathematics) A discontinuity in the graph of a function, where the function is continuous in a punctured interval of the discontinuity.
JUMP, noun. (science fiction) An instance of faster-than-light travel, not observable from ordinary space.
JUMP, noun. (computing) A change of the path of execution to a different location.
JUMP, adverb. (obsolete) exactly; precisely
JUMP, adjective. (obsolete) Exact; matched; fitting; precise.
JUMP, noun. A kind of loose jacket for men.
JUMP, noun. (in plural) A bodice worn instead of stays by women in the 18th century.
JUMP A CLAIM, verb. (historical) (Australia) (Western US) To enter upon and take possession of land to which another has acquired a claim by prior entry and occupation.
JUMP ABOUT, verb. To move erratically by jumping. Usually as a result of being excited.
JUMP ABOUT, verb. To move from side to side, or fidget annoyingly. Usually as a result of being nervous.
JUMP AROUND, verb. To move erratically by jumping. Usually as a result of being excited.
JUMP AROUND, verb. To move from side to side, or fidget annoyingly. Usually as a result of being nervous.
JUMP AT, verb. (idiomatic) To accept something enthusiastically. Usually an opportunity, or chance, or job etc.
JUMP AT THE CHANCE, verb. (idiomatic) To immediately accept an offer; to seize an opportunity.
JUMP BALL, noun. A method used to begin or resume play in basketball. Two opposing players attempt to gain control of the ball after it is tossed up into the air in between them by an official.
JUMP BALL, noun. Metaphor for a contest [1].
JUMP BALL, noun. In the context of general equities,
JUMP BLUES, noun. (music genre) A type of boogie-woogie blues music influenced by big band swing, typically performed by a seven-piece combo and characterized by use of horns, shuffle rhythm, group singing during the choruses and raunchy lyrics.
JUMP BOOT, noun. A type of combat boot used by paratroopers assigned to parachute units, designed to be fully laced and to give extra support to the ankle.
JUMP BOOTS, noun. Plural of jump boot
JUMP CUT, noun. A cinematographic edit in which the view of a subject jumps forward in time
JUMP DOWN, verb. To leave an elevated position to a lower position by one jump.
JUMP DOWN SOMEONE'S THROAT, verb. (idiomatic) To criticise with excessive and unexpected harshness.
JUMP DRIVE, noun. (computing) A flash drive.
JUMP DRIVE, noun. (science fiction) A means of travelling faster than light by jumping from one point to another in space.
JUMP DRIVES, noun. Plural of jump drive
JUMP FOR JOY, verb. (idiomatic) exult, rejoice, feel elation.
JUMP IN, verb. To enter something quickly. Usually a mode of transport.
JUMP IN, verb. (slang) To initiate into a club, usually a gang, with violence.
JUMP IN ONE'S SKIN, verb. (idiomatic) To start with fright.
JUMP JET, noun. (informal) (military) A jet airplane with fixed wings that is capable of vertical takeoff and landing as well as hovering, and, in some cases, also capable of becoming airborne in a conventional manner by gaining airspeed on a runaway.
JUMP LEAD, noun. One of a pair of electrical cables with a spring clip at each end, used to connect the batteries of two cars, so as to use the power of one car to operate the starter motor of the second car.
JUMP LEADS, noun. Plural of jump lead
JUMP LIST, noun. (comptheory) A kind of sorted linked list with additional pointers to connect data items that are various distances apart.
JUMP LIST, noun. (computing) (graphical user interface) (Microsoft Windows) A pop-up list of tasks or documents associated with an application in the taskbar.
JUMP LISTS, noun. Plural of jump list
JUMP OFF, verb. (sports) (horses) To participate in the final round of an equestrian showjumping event.
JUMP OFF, verb. To move from an elevated place by one jump.
JUMP ON, verb. To board a vehicle.
JUMP ON, verb. (idiomatic) To attack verbally, to criticise excessively.
JUMP ON, verb. (idiomatic) To take immediate action regarding; to avail oneself of without delay.
JUMP ON THE BANDWAGON, verb. (idiomatic) To profit from a craze; to join a trend.
JUMP ONE'S BAIL, verb. (US) (slang) To abscond while at liberty under bail bonds.
JUMP PAGE, noun. A page of a newspaper on which an article is continued, having been started on a more prominent page.
JUMP QUEUE, verb. Alternative form of jump the queue
JUMP ROPE, noun. (uncountable) (also jump-roping, jumping rope) The activity, game or exercise in which a person must jump, bounce or skip repeatedly while a length of rope is swung over and under, both ends held in the hands of the jumper, or alternately, held by two other participants. Often used for athletic training and among schoolchildren. Variations involve speed, chants, varied rope and jumper movement patterns, multiple jumpers and/or multiple ropes.
JUMP ROPE, noun. The length of rope, sometimes with handles, casing or other additions, used in that activity.
JUMP ROPE, noun. (colloquial) A single jump in this game or activity, counted as a measure of achievement.
JUMP ROPE, verb. (idiomatic) To repeatedly jump over a rope, the ends of which are held by the jumper or by two others, while the rope is swung under the feet and over the head of the jumper; to play the game of jump rope; to exercise by jumping rope.
JUMP ROPED, verb. Simple past tense and past participle of jump rope
JUMP ROPES, noun. Plural of jump rope
JUMP ROPES, verb. (colloquial) third-person singular simple present indicative form of jump rope
JUMP ROPING, verb. Present participle of jump rope
JUMP SCARE, noun. (narratology) The technique, typically used in horror films and video games, of having something occur suddenly and without warning to frighten the audience.
JUMP SCARES, noun. Plural of jump scare
JUMP SEAT, noun. (colloquial) A spare seat in an aircraft cockpit.
JUMP SEAT, noun. (dated) A movable seat in a carriage.
JUMP SEATS, noun. Plural of jump seat
JUMP SHIP, verb. To part from a ship.
JUMP SHIP, verb. (idiomatic) To leave something, especially suddenly or rapidly.
JUMP SHOT, noun. (basketball) A shot in which the player releases the ball at the highest point of a jump.
JUMP SHOTS, noun. Plural of jump shot
JUMP SOMEONE'S BONES, verb. (idiomatic) (slang) to have sex.
JUMP SPARK, noun. A spark produced by the jumping of electricity across a permanent gap.
JUMP THE GUN, verb. (sports) To begin a race too soon, before the starting gun goes off.
JUMP THE GUN, verb. (idiomatic) To act or begin too soon or without due caution.
JUMP THE GUN, verb. (idiomatic) (finance) (investing) To trade securities based on information that is not yet public; to trade on inside information.
JUMP THE LIGHTS, verb. To pass a set of traffic lights when they are not showing green.
JUMP THE LINE, verb. (US) To skip to the head of a queue without waiting for one's turn.
JUMP THE QUEUE, verb. To move into a queue ahead of others who have been waiting longer or that have a higher priority; push in
JUMP THE QUEUE, verb. (idiomatic) to desire preferential treatment, undue influence; to be impatient
JUMP THE RATTLER, verb. (Australian slang) To travel on a train without paying the fare.
JUMP THE SHARK, verb. (idiomatic) (of a television program or other narrative) To undergo a storyline development which heralds a fundamental and generally disappointing change in direction.
JUMP THE SHARK, verb. (idiomatic) (by extension) To experience a decline in quality, appeal, popularity, etc.
JUMP THROUGH HOOPS, verb. (idiomatic) To put forth effort for the sake of appearance or demonstration.
JUMP TO CONCLUSIONS, verb. (idiomatic) Make conclusions before being presented with all the evidence.
JUMP UP, verb. To move from one position to a higher position by one jump.

Dictionary definition

JUMP, noun. A sudden and decisive increase; "a jump in attendance".
JUMP, noun. An abrupt transition; "a successful leap from college to the major leagues".
JUMP, noun. (film) an abrupt transition from one scene to another.
JUMP, noun. A sudden involuntary movement; "he awoke with a start".
JUMP, noun. Descent with a parachute; "he had done a lot of parachuting in the army".
JUMP, noun. The act of jumping; propelling yourself off the ground; "he advanced in a series of jumps"; "the jumping was unexpected".
JUMP, verb. Move forward by leaps and bounds; "The horse bounded across the meadow"; "The child leapt across the puddle"; "Can you jump over the fence?".
JUMP, verb. Move or jump suddenly, as if in surprise or alarm; "She startled when I walked into the room".
JUMP, verb. Make a sudden physical attack on; "The muggers jumped the woman in the fur coat".
JUMP, verb. Increase suddenly and significantly; "Prices jumped overnight".
JUMP, verb. Be highly noticeable.
JUMP, verb. Enter eagerly into; "He jumped into the game".
JUMP, verb. Rise in rank or status; "Her new novel jumped high on the bestseller list".
JUMP, verb. Jump down from an elevated point; "the parachutist didn't want to jump"; "every year, hundreds of people jump off the Golden Gate bridge"; "the widow leapt into the funeral pyre".
JUMP, verb. Run off or leave the rails; "the train derailed because a cow was standing on the tracks".
JUMP, verb. Jump from an airplane and descend with a parachute.
JUMP, verb. Cause to jump or leap; "the trainer jumped the tiger through the hoop".
JUMP, verb. Start (a car engine whose battery is dead) by connecting it to another car's battery.
JUMP, verb. Bypass; "He skipped a row in the text and so the sentence was incomprehensible".
JUMP, verb. Pass abruptly from one state or topic to another; "leap into fame"; "jump to a conclusion"; "jump from one thing to another".
JUMP, verb. Go back and forth; swing back and forth between two states or conditions.

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