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STUNT, noun. A daring or dangerous feat, often involving the display of gymnastic skills.
STUNT, noun. (archaic) skill
STUNT, noun. (American football) A special means of rushing the quarterback done to confuse the opposing team's offensive line.
STUNT, verb. (transitive) To check or hinder the growth or development of.
STUNT, verb. (intransitive) (cheerleading) To perform a stunt.
STUNT, verb. (intransitive) (slang) (AAVE) To show off; to posture.
STUNT, noun. A check in growth.
STUNT, noun. That which has been checked in growth; a stunted animal or thing.
STUNT, noun. A two-year-old whale, which, having been weaned, is lean and yields little blubber.
STUNT CASTING, noun. The hiring of a well-known star to play a small role, so as to generate media or studio attention.
STUNT COCK, noun. A phallus used to sub in for a pornographic actor's actual penis, either another man's or a realistic facsimile
STUNT COCKS, noun. Plural of stunt cock
STUNT DOUBLE, noun. (film) (television) A type of body double, specifically, a skilled stand-in used for dangerous film or video sequences such as jumping out of a building, jumping from vehicle to vehicle, fight sequences and other difficult and/or dangerous stunts.
STUNT DOUBLES, noun. Plural of stunt double
STUNT MAN, noun. Alternative form of stuntman
STUNT WOMAN, noun. Alternative form of stuntwoman

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STUNT, noun. A difficult or unusual or dangerous feat; usually done to gain attention.
STUNT, noun. A creature (especially a whale) that has been prevented from attaining full growth.
STUNT, verb. Check the growth or development of; "You will stunt your growth by building all these muscles".
STUNT, verb. Perform a stunt or stunts.

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