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RIDING, verb. Present participle of ride
RIDING, noun. A path cut through woodland.
RIDING, noun. The act of one who rides; a mounted excursion.
RIDING, noun. (obsolete) A festival procession.
RIDING, noun. Historically, one of the three administrative divisions of Yorkshire and some other northern counties of England.
RIDING, noun. (Canada) Electoral district or constituency.
RIDING ASSOCIATION, noun. (Canada) A local wing of a federal, provincial, or (in Yukon) territorial political party, consisting of the members of the party living in one riding, legally recognized by the relevant electoral authority, and conducting local partisan actions such as nominating the party's candidate for elections.
RIDING ASSOCIATIONS, noun. Plural of riding association
RIDING BITCH, verb. Present participle of ride bitch
RIDING CROP, noun. A horsewhip, short whip used to goad a mount.
RIDING CROPS, noun. Plural of riding crop
RIDING HABIT, noun. A woman's garment for horseback riding.
RIDING HABITS, noun. Plural of riding habit
RIDING HALTER, noun. A type of rope halter specifically designed to be used for riding horses. It is considered a type of bitless bridle. Ithas two rings set low on the noseband for the purpose of attaching reins. Horse control is achieved by direct pressure on the nose.
RIDING HALTERS, noun. Plural of riding halter
RIDING HOOD, noun. A hood formerly worn by women when riding.
RIDING HOOD, noun. A kind of cloak with a hood.
RIDING UP, verb. Present participle of ride up
RIDING WHIP, noun. Riding crop, horse whip

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RIDING, noun. The sport of siting on the back of a horse while controlling its movements.
RIDING, noun. Travel by being carried on horseback.

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