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ELECT, noun. One chosen or set apart.
ELECT, noun. (uncountable) (theology) In Calvinist theology, one foreordained to Heaven. In other Christian theologies, someone chosen by God for salvation.
ELECT, verb. (transitive) To choose or make a decision (to do something)
ELECT, verb. (transitive) To choose (a candidate) in an election
ELECT, adjective. (used only after the noun) Who has been elected in a specified post, but has not yet entered office.
ELECT, adjective. Chosen; taken by preference from among two or more.

Dictionary definition

ELECT, noun. An exclusive group of people; "one of the elect who have power inside the government".
ELECT, verb. Select by a vote for an office or membership; "We elected him chairman of the board".
ELECT, verb. Choose; "I elected to have my funds deposited automatically".
ELECT, adjective. Selected as the best; "an elect circle of artists"; "elite colleges".
ELECT, adjective. Elected but not yet installed in office; "the president elect".

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