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PLURALITY, noun. (uncountable) The state of being plural.
PLURALITY, noun. (ecclesiastical) The holding of multiple benefices.
PLURALITY, noun. (countable) A state of being numerous.
PLURALITY, noun. (countable) A number or part of a whole which is greater than any other number or part, but not necessarily a majority.
PLURALITY, noun. (countable) A number of votes for a single candidate or position which is greater than the number of votes gained by any other single candidate or position voted for, but which is less than a majority of valid votes cast.
PLURALITY, noun. (countable) A margin by which a number exceeds another number, especially of votes.
PLURALITY, noun. (countable) A group of many entities: a large number.
PLURALITY, noun. (countable) A group composed of more than one entity.
PLURALITY, noun. (of spouses) polygamy.

Dictionary definition

PLURALITY, noun. The state of being plural; "to mark plurality, one language may add an extra syllable to the word whereas another may simply change the vowel in the existing final syllable".
PLURALITY, noun. A large indefinite number; "a battalion of ants"; "a multitude of TV antennas"; "a plurality of religions".
PLURALITY, noun. (in an election with more than 2 options) the number of votes for the candidate or party receiving the greatest number (but less that half of the votes).

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