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POLLING, verb. Present participle of poll
POLLING, noun. The action of taking a poll.
POLLING, noun. (computing) A technique that continually interrogates a peripheral device to see if it has data to transfer.
POLLING, noun. (politics) (uncountable) the process of voting in an election.
POLLING BOOTH, noun. (Britain) (Ireland) (Canada) (Australia) A voting booth.
POLLING BOOTHS, noun. Plural of polling booth
POLLING DAY, noun. (politics) the day voting takes place in a local, general, or national election, apart from postal votes made beforehand.
POLLING PLACE, noun. (politics) (government) A place where voters cast their ballots in elections.
POLLING STATION, noun. (Britain) (Canada) (Australia) a place where voters go to cast their ballot in an election or referendum; a voting station
POLLING STATIONS, noun. Plural of polling station

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