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TURNOUT, noun. Attendance; crowd
TURNOUT, noun. (US) a place to pull off a road
TURNOUT, noun. (rail transport) (chiefly US) a place where moveable rails allow a train to switch tracks; a set of points
TURNOUT GEAR, noun. A firefighter's protective clothing.

Dictionary definition

TURNOUT, noun. The group that gathers together for a particular occasion; "a large turnout for the meeting".
TURNOUT, noun. A part of a road that has been widened to allow cars to pass or park.
TURNOUT, noun. A short stretch of railroad track used to store rolling stock or enable trains on the same line to pass.
TURNOUT, noun. What is produced in a given time period.
TURNOUT, noun. A set of clothing (with accessories); "his getup was exceedingly elegant".
TURNOUT, noun. Attendance for a particular event or purpose (as to vote in an election); "the turnout for the rally".
TURNOUT, noun. (ballet) the outward rotation of a dancer's leg from the hip.

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