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RECEIVE, verb. To take, as something that is offered, given, committed, sent, paid, etc.; to accept; to be given something.
RECEIVE, verb. To take possession of.
RECEIVE, verb. To act as a host for guests; to give admittance to; to permit to enter, as into one's house, presence, company, etc.
RECEIVE, verb. To suffer from (an injury).
RECEIVE, verb. To allow (a custom, tradition, etc.); to give credence or acceptance to.
RECEIVE, verb. (telecommunications) To detect a signal from a transmitter.
RECEIVE, verb. (sports) To be in a position to take possession, or hit back the ball.
RECEIVE, verb. (tennis) (badminton) (squash) To be in a position to hit back a service.
RECEIVE, verb. (American football) To be in a position to catch a forward pass.
RECEIVE, verb. (transitive) (intransitive) To accept into the mind; to understand.
RECEIVE, noun. (telecommunications) An operation in which data is received.

Dictionary definition

RECEIVE, verb. Get something; come into possession of; "receive payment"; "receive a gift"; "receive letters from the front".
RECEIVE, verb. Receive a specified treatment (abstract); "These aspects of civilization do not find expression or receive an interpretation"; "His movie received a good review"; "I got nothing but trouble for my good intentions".
RECEIVE, verb. Register (perceptual input); "pick up a signal".
RECEIVE, verb. Go through (mental or physical states or experiences); "get an idea"; "experience vertigo"; "get nauseous"; "receive injuries"; "have a feeling".
RECEIVE, verb. Express willingness to have in one's home or environs; "The community warmly received the refugees".
RECEIVE, verb. Accept as true or valid; "He received Christ".
RECEIVE, verb. Bid welcome to; greet upon arrival.
RECEIVE, verb. Convert into sounds or pictures; "receive the incoming radio signals".
RECEIVE, verb. Experience as a reaction; "My proposal met with much opposition".
RECEIVE, verb. Have or give a reception; "The lady is receiving Sunday morning".
RECEIVE, verb. Receive as a retribution or punishment; "He got 5 years in prison".
RECEIVE, verb. Partake of the Holy Eucharist sacrament.
RECEIVE, verb. Regard favorably or with disapproval; "Her new collection of poems was not well received".

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