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HONORARY, adjective. Given as an honor/honour, with no duties attached, and without payment.
HONORARY, adjective. Voluntary.
HONORARY, adjective. Describes the holder of a position or title that is assigned to him as a special honor rather than by normal channels.
HONORARY, noun. An honorarium; a fee for services of no fixed value.
HONORARY, noun. (US) A kind of secret society that operates in name only, with membership given to honor some achievement.
HONORARY OFFICER, noun. A voluntary, unpaid officer of an organization
HONORARY TRUST, noun. (legal) A device by which a person establishes a trust for which there is neither a charitable purpose, nor a private beneficiary to enforce the trust (such as a trust for the care of pets or maintenance of cemetery plots), for which trustee is bound by honor, but not by law, to carry out the wishes of the trustor.
HONORARY TRUSTS, noun. Plural of honorary trust

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HONORARY, adjective. Given as an honor without the normal duties; "an honorary degree".

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