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ASSOCIATION, noun. The act of associating.
ASSOCIATION, noun. The state of being associated; a connection to or an affiliation with something.
ASSOCIATION, noun. (statistics) Any relationship between two measured quantities that renders them statistically dependent (but not necessarily causal or a correlation).
ASSOCIATION, noun. A group of persons associated for a common purpose; an organization; society.
ASSOCIATION FOOTBALL, noun. A ball game played between two teams of eleven players, each attempting to win by scoring more goals than their opponent.
ASSOCIATION LIST, noun. (programming) A data structure that associates keys with data; implimented as a list whose members are paired storage locations (cons cells), one element of which (the car) contains the key and the other element of which (the cdr) contains the keyed data.

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ASSOCIATION, noun. A formal organization of people or groups of people; "he joined the Modern Language Association".
ASSOCIATION, noun. The act of consorting with or joining with others; "you cannot be convicted of criminal guilt by association".
ASSOCIATION, noun. The state of being connected together as in memory or imagination; "his association of his father with being beaten was too strong to break".
ASSOCIATION, noun. The process of bringing ideas or events together in memory or imagination; "conditioning is a form of learning by association".
ASSOCIATION, noun. A social or business relationship; "a valuable financial affiliation"; "he was sorry he had to sever his ties with other members of the team"; "many close associations with England".
ASSOCIATION, noun. A relation resulting from interaction or dependence; "flints were found in association with the prehistoric remains of the bear"; "the host is not always injured by association with a parasite".
ASSOCIATION, noun. (chemistry) any process of combination (especially in solution) that depends on relatively weak chemical bonding.
ASSOCIATION, noun. (ecology) a group of organisms (plants and animals) that live together in a certain geographical region and constitute a community with a few dominant species.

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