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UNITARIAN, noun. A Christian who does not believe in the traditional doctrine of the Trinity.
UNITARIAN, noun. A follower of Unitarian Universalism; or a member of a Unitarian Universalist Church in North America who adhered to, or identifies with, the Unitarian part of that church prior to consolidation in 1961.
UNITARIAN, noun. (rare) A Muslim, Jew or other kind of monotheist who is not a Christian.
UNITARIAN, noun. A member of a certain political movement, especially the Unitarios of nineteenth century Argentina (known as the Unitarian Party in English).
UNITARIAN, adjective. Pertaining to Unitarianism
UNITARIAN, adjective. Espousing a unitary view of something
UNITARIAN, noun. One who denies the doctrine of the Trinity, believing that God exists only in one person; a unipersonalist.
UNITARIAN, noun. A muwahhid
UNITARIAN, noun. One who rejects the principle of dualism.
UNITARIAN, noun. A monotheist.
UNITARIAN UNIVERSALISM, proper noun. A religion which encourages theological liberalism and an individual search for truth and the adherents of which draw on many different theological sources and have a wide range of beliefs and practices.
UNITARIAN UNIVERSALIST, adjective. Relating to believers of Unitarian Universalism.
UNITARIAN UNIVERSALIST, noun. A follower of Unitarian Universalism.
UNITARIAN UNIVERSALISTS, noun. Plural of Unitarian Universalist

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UNITARIAN, noun. Adherent of Unitarianism.
UNITARIAN, adjective. Of or relating to or characterizing Unitarianism.

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