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PAGAN, adjective. Relating to, characteristic of or adhering to non-Abrahamist religions, especially earlier polytheism.
PAGAN, adjective. (by extension) (pejorative) Savage, immoral, uncivilized, wild.
PAGAN, noun. A person not adhering to any major or recognized religion, especially a heathen or non-Abrahamist, follower of a pantheistic or nature-worshipping religion, neopagan.
PAGAN, noun. (by extension) (perjoritive, politically incorrect) An uncivilized or unsocialized person
PAGAN, noun. (perjoritive, politically incorrect) Especially an unruly, badly educated child.
PAGAN, proper noun. A male given name.
PAGAN, proper noun. (dated) The city of Bagan, Myanmar.
PAGAN, proper noun. (historical) The 9th to 13th century Burmese kingdom which had its capital at this city.
PAGAN, adjective. Pertaining to the city or kingdom of Pagan.

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PAGAN, noun. A person who does not acknowledge your god.
PAGAN, noun. A person who follows a polytheistic or pre-Christian religion (not a Christian or Muslim or Jew).
PAGAN, noun. Someone motivated by desires for sensual pleasures.
PAGAN, adjective. Not acknowledging the God of Christianity and Judaism and Islam.

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