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MARTYR, noun. One who willingly accepts being put to death for adhering openly to one's religious beliefs; notably, saints canonized after martyrdom.
MARTYR, noun. (by extension) One who sacrifices his or her life, station, or something of great personal value, for the sake of principle or to sustain a cause.
MARTYR, noun. (with a prepositional phrase of cause) One who suffers greatly and/or constantly, even involuntarily.
MARTYR, verb. (transitive) To make someone into a martyr by putting him or her to death for adhering to, or acting in accordance with, some belief, especially religious; to sacrifice on account of faith or profession.
MARTYR, verb. (transitive) To persecute.
MARTYR, verb. (transitive) To torment; to torture.

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MARTYR, noun. One who suffers for the sake of principle.
MARTYR, noun. One who voluntarily suffers death as the penalty for refusing to renounce their religion.
MARTYR, verb. Kill as a martyr; "Saint Sebastian was martyred".
MARTYR, verb. Torture and torment like a martyr.

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