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POPE, noun. (Roman Catholicism & generally) An honorary title of the Roman Catholic bishop of Rome as father and head of his church.
POPE, noun. (by extension) (now) (often ironic) Any similarly absolute and 'infallible' authority.
POPE, noun. (by extension) Any similar head of a religion.
POPE, noun. (uncommon) A theocrat, a priest-king, including (at first especially) over the imaginary land of Prester John or (now) in figurative and alliterative uses.
POPE, noun. (UK) An effigy of the pope traditionally burnt in Britain on Guy Fawkes' Day and (occasionally) at other times.
POPE, noun. (US) (obsolete) Pope Day, the present Guy Fawkes Day.
POPE, noun. (Coptic Church) An honorary title of the Coptic bishop of Alexandria as father and head of his church.
POPE, noun. (Eastern Orthodoxy) An honorary title of the Orthodox bishop of Alexandria as father and head of his autocephalous church.
POPE, noun. (Christianity) (historical) (obsolete) Any bishop of the early Christian church.
POPE, noun. (UK) The ruffe, a small Eurasian freshwater fish (Gymnocephalus cernua); others of its genus.
POPE, noun. (UK regional) (Cumberland) (Cornwall) (Devon) (Scotland) The Atlantic puffin (Fratercula arctica).
POPE, noun. (US regional) The painted bunting (Passerina ciris).
POPE, noun. (rare) The red-cowled cardinal (Paroaria dominicana).
POPE, verb. (intransitive or with 'it') To act as or like a pope.
POPE, verb. (intransitive) (colloquial) To convert to Roman Catholicism.
POPE, noun. (alcoholic beverages) Any mulled wine (traditionally including tokay) considered similar and superior to bishop.
POPE, noun. (Russian Orthodoxy) Alternative form of pop, a Russian Orthodox priest.
POPE, noun. (US) (dialectal) (obsolete) The whippoorwill (Caprimulgus vociferus).
POPE, noun. (US) (dialectal) (rare) The nighthawk (Chordeiles minor).
POPE, proper noun. An English surname​ originating as a nickname.
POPE, proper noun. Alexander Pope, English poet
POPE, noun. Alternative letter-case form of pope
POPE DAY, proper noun. (US) (historical) Alternative term for Gunpowder Treason Day (now Guy Fawkes Day).
POPE HAT, noun. (informal) The mitre worn by popes.
POPE JOAN, proper noun. A mythical female pope who allegedly reigned for a few years during the Middle Ages.
POPE JOAN, noun. A card game played on a round board with compartments.
POPE JULIUS, proper noun. (obsolete) A sixteenth-century gambling card game about which little is known.
POPE NIGHT, proper noun. (US) (historical) Alternative term for Guy Fawkes Night.

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POPE, noun. The head of the Roman Catholic Church.
POPE, noun. English poet and satirist (1688-1744).

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