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VICAR, noun. In the Church of England, the priest of a parish, receiving a salary or stipend but not tithes.
VICAR, noun. In the Roman Catholic and some other churches, a cleric acting as local representative of a higher ranking member of the clergy.
VICAR, noun. A person acting on behalf of, or is representing another person.
VICAR APOSTOLIC, noun. A Roman Catholic with the title of bishop who administers a region that is not (yet) a diocese, especially in a missionary position
VICAR OF CHRIST, noun. (Roman Catholicism) The Pope.
VICAR OF CHRIST, noun. (Christianity) (theology) (very rare) The Holy Ghost.
VICAR OF CHRIST, noun. (Christianity) Any bishop.
VICAR OF CHRIST, noun. Alternative letter-case form of Vicar of Christ, a title variously granted to the Holy Ghost and to the bishop of Rome.

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VICAR, noun. A Roman Catholic priest who acts for another higher-ranking clergyman.
VICAR, noun. (Episcopal Church) a clergyman in charge of a chapel.
VICAR, noun. (Church of England) a clergyman appointed to act as priest of a parish.

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