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BISHOP, noun. (Christianity) An overseer of congregations: either any such overseer, generally speaking, or (in Eastern Orthodoxy, Roman Catholicism, Anglicanism, etc.) an official in the church hierarchy (actively or nominally) governing a diocese, supervising the church's priests, deacons, and property in its territory.
BISHOP, noun. (religion) (obsolete) A similar official or chief priest in another religion.
BISHOP, noun. (obsolete) Any watchman, inspector, or overlooker.
BISHOP, noun. (obsolete) The holder of the Greek or Roman position of episcopus, supervisor over the public dole of grain, etc.
BISHOP, noun. The chief of the Festival of Fools or St. Nicholas Day.
BISHOP, noun. (chess) The chess piece denoted ♗ or ♝ which moves along diagonal lines and developed from the shatranj alfil ("elephant") and was originally known as the aufil or archer in English.
BISHOP, noun. Any of various African birds of the genus Euplectes; a kind of weaverbird closely related to the widowbirds.
BISHOP, noun. (dialectal) A ladybug or ladybird, beetles of the genus Coccinellidae.
BISHOP, noun. (alcoholic beverages‎) A sweet drink made from wine, usually with oranges, lemons, and sugar; mulled and spiced port.
BISHOP, noun. (US) (archaic) A bustle.
BISHOP, noun. (UK) (dialectal) (archaic) A children's smock or pinafore.
BISHOP, verb. (Christianity) To act as a bishop, to perform the duties of a bishop, especially to confirm another's membership in the church.
BISHOP, verb. (by extension) (jocularly) (obsolete) To confirm (in its other senses).
BISHOP, verb. (Christianity) To make a bishop.
BISHOP, verb. (Christianity) (rare) To provide with bishops.
BISHOP, verb. (UK) (dialectal) To permit food (esp. milk) to burn while cooking (from bishops' role in the inquisition or as mentioned in the quote below, of horses).
BISHOP, verb. (by extension) (of horses) To make a horse seem younger, particularly by manipulation of its teeth.
BISHOP, verb. (UK) (colloquial) (obsolete) To murder by drowning.
BISHOP, proper noun. A surname​.
BISHOP, proper noun. An ill-fated self-propelled 25-pounder vehicle produced by the United Kingdom during the Second World War, so called a supposed resemblance to a bishop's miter.
BISHOP, proper noun. A city in California.
BISHOP, proper noun. A town in Georgia, USA.
BISHOP, proper noun. A city in Texas.
BISHOP, noun. Alternative letter-case form of bishop, particularly as a title or term of address.
BISHOP BARKER, noun. (Australia) (slang) (obsolete) A very tall glass of beer.
BISHOP BARKERS, noun. Plural of Bishop Barker
BISHOP OF ROME, proper noun. (Christianity) The formal title of the pope of the Roman Catholic Church.
BISHOP OF ROME, noun. Alternative letter-case form of Bishop of Rome
BISHOP PAWN, noun. (chess) A pawn on the bishop's file; i.e., the c-file or f-file.
BISHOP PAWNS, noun. Plural of bishop pawn
BISHOP ROCK, proper noun. A rock at the most westerly tip of the Isles of Scilly facing the Atlantic Ocean and housing a lighthouse; supposedly the smallest island in the world.
BISHOP SLEEVE, noun. A long sleeve, fuller at the bottom than the top, and gathered into a cuff; formerly worn by women.
BISHOP SLEEVES, noun. Plural of bishop sleeve

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BISHOP, noun. A senior member of the Christian clergy having spiritual and administrative authority; appointed in Christian churches to oversee priests or ministers; considered in some churches to be successors of the twelve Apostles of Christ.
BISHOP, noun. Port wine mulled with oranges and cloves.
BISHOP, noun. (chess) a piece that can be moved diagonally over unoccupied squares of the same color.

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