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WINCHESTER, proper noun. The county town of Hampshire, England; or any of the towns named after it.
WINCHESTER, proper noun. A habitational surname​.
WINCHESTER, noun. A Winchester rifle, typically a lever-action repeater.
WINCHESTER, noun. A bottle holding a Winchester quart.
WINCHESTER, noun. (computing) (dated) A hard disk.
WINCHESTER BUSHEL, noun. A measure of dry and liquid volume equal to 35.24 litres used in US and Canada. Originating in England and one of the units of Winchester measure. Abbreviated bu
WINCHESTER MEASURE, noun. Units used for the measurement of dry and liquid volumes, the standards for which were originally deposited at Winchester, England. The Winchester bushel is still used in the US.
WINCHESTER QUART, noun. (British) a unit of volume equal to half a Winchester gallon, equal to two quarts, or 2.273 litres.
WINCHESTER QUART, noun. (British) a bottle of that size used in laboratories, commonly holding 2.5 litres.

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WINCHESTER, noun. A city in southern England; administrative center of Hampshire.
WINCHESTER, noun. A shoulder rifle.

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