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ABBOT, noun. The superior or head of an abbey or monastery. [First attested around the early 12th century.]
ABBOT, noun. A layman who received the abbey's revenues, after the closing of the monasteries.
ABBOT, proper noun. A surname​.
ABBOT GENERAL, noun. The leader of a monastic order.
ABBOT NULLIUS, noun. An abbot who is exempt from diocesan control, and acts with papal authority.
ABBOT OF MISRULE, noun. (usually capitalized) One elected to preside over the Christmas revelry in noble households and elsewhere in England during the 15th and 16th century; Lord of Misrule.
ABBOT OF THE PEOPLE, noun. A high magistrate's title under the doge of independent Genoa
ABBOT OF UNREASON, noun. (usually capitalized) Elected leader in old Scottish celebrations; Lord of Misrule.
ABBOT OF UNREASONS, noun. (usually capitalized) plural of Abbot of Unreason
ABBOT PRIMATE, noun. (religion) The representative leader of all Benedictine congregations.
ABBOT PRIMATES, noun. Plural of abbot primate

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ABBOT, noun. The superior of an abbey of monks.

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