Associations to the word «Dom»


DOM, symbol. (mathematics) domain
DOM, noun. A dominator (in sadomasochistic sexual practices), especially a male one.
DOM, verb. (slang) (Internet gaming or BDSM) to dominate
DOM, noun. A title anciently given to the pope, and later to other church dignitaries and some monastic orders.
DOM, noun. In Portugal and Brazil, the title formerly given to a member of the higher classes.
DOM, proper noun. A male given name, a form of Dominic.
DOM, proper noun. An Indo-Aryan ethnic group.
DOM, symbol. The ISO 3166-1 three-letter (alpha-3) code for the Dominican Republic
DOM PEDRO, noun. A South African cocktail made with ice cream and whisky.
DOM PEDROS, noun. Plural of Dom Pedro
DOM PÉRIGNON, proper noun. An expensive brand of champagne named for Dom Pérignon.

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