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CANONICAL, adjective. Present in a canon, religious or otherwise.
CANONICAL, adjective. According to recognised or orthodox rules.
CANONICAL, adjective. Stated or used in the most basic and straightforwardly applicable manner.
CANONICAL, adjective. Prototypical.
CANONICAL, adjective. (religion) In conformity with canon law.
CANONICAL, adjective. (music) In the form of a canon.
CANONICAL, adjective. (religion) Of or pertaining to an ecclesiastical chapter
CANONICAL, adjective. (mathematics) (computing) In canonical form.
CANONICAL, adjective. (mathematics) Distinguished among entities of its kind, so that it can be picked out in a way that does not depend on any arbitrary choices.
CANONICAL, noun. (Roman Catholicism) The formal robes of a priest
CANONICAL FORM, noun. (mathematics) (computing) A standard or normal presentation of a mathematical entity
CANONICAL FORM, noun. (chemistry) Any of a set of representations of the resonance structure of a molecule each of which contributes to the real structure; a contributing structure
CANONICAL FORM, noun. (linguistics) (rare) dictionary form. a basic form of a word used as a dictionary entry.
CANONICAL FORMALISM, noun. (mathematics) A formalism for a physical theory which is based upon the canonical equations of Hamiltonian dynamics.
CANONICAL FORMS, noun. Plural of canonical form
CANONICAL HOUR, noun. Any of certain times of day at which specified prayers are said according to canon law
CANONICAL HOUR, noun. The prayers said at these times
CANONICAL HOURS, noun. The times of day at which canon law prescribes certain prayers to be said; matins with lauds, prime, tierce, sext, nones, vespers, and complin
CANONICAL HOURS, noun. The prayers said at these times
CANONICAL SEQUENCE, noun. A sequence of DNA, RNA, or amino acids that reflects the most common choice of base or amino acid at each position.

Dictionary definition

CANONICAL, adjective. Appearing in a biblical canon; "a canonical book of the Christian New Testament".
CANONICAL, adjective. Of or relating to or required by canon law.
CANONICAL, adjective. Reduced to the simplest and most significant form possible without loss of generality; "a basic story line"; "a canonical syllable pattern".
CANONICAL, adjective. Conforming to orthodox or recognized rules; "the drinking of cocktails was as canonical a rite as the mixing"- Sinclair Lewis.

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