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JEREMIAH, proper noun. (Abrahamic religions) An ancient prophet, the author of the Book of Jeremiah, and of the Lamentations.
JEREMIAH, proper noun. (biblical) A book of the Old Testament of Bible, and of the Tanakh.
JEREMIAH, proper noun. A male given name of biblical origin.
JEREMIAH, noun. A person who is pessimistic about the present and foresees a calamitous future; a prophet of doom.
JEREMIAH, interjection. (UK) Expression of surprise, contempt, outrage, disgust, boredom, frustration, etc.

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JEREMIAH, noun. (Old Testament) an Israelite prophet who is remembered for his angry lamentations (jeremiads) about the wickedness of his people (circa 626-587 BC).
JEREMIAH, noun. A book in the Old Testament containing the oracles of the prophet Jeremiah.

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