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JONAH, proper noun. A male given name.
JONAH, proper noun. (biblical) A minor prophet who was cast into the sea and swallowed by a whale.
JONAH, proper noun. A book of the Old Testament and the Hebrew Tanakh.
JONAH, proper noun. (Quran) The 10th sura (chapter) of the Quran
JONAH, proper noun. (nautical) (slang) A person who brings a ship bad luck.
JONAH, proper noun. (slang) (by extension of the nautical sense) Any person or object which is deemed to cause bad luck; a jinx.
JONAH CRAB, noun. Cancer borealis, a strong-clawed crab found on the Atlantic coast of North America.
JONAH CRABS, noun. Plural of Jonah crab
JONAH FISHING, noun. (internet slang) The situation in which a user who has been trolled claims that he/she only posted in order to bait the troll into a response.

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JONAH, noun. (Old Testament) Jonah did not wish to become a prophet so God caused a great storm to throw him overboard from a ship; he was saved by being swallowed by a whale that vomited him out onto dry land.
JONAH, noun. A person believed to bring bad luck to those around him.
JONAH, noun. A book in the Old Testament that tells the story of Jonah and the whale.

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