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VENETIAN, adjective. Of, from, or relating to Venice.
VENETIAN, noun. An inhabitant or a resident of Venice and the region of Venezia.
VENETIAN, noun. (colloquial) A Venetian blind.
VENETIAN, noun. (obsolete) (in the plural) galligaskins
VENETIAN, proper noun. The Romance language spoken mostly in the Veneto region of Italy, sometimes considered to be a dialect of Italian. It should not be confused with Venetic, an extinct Indo-European language once spoken in the same area.
VENETIAN, proper noun. The form of this language spoken in Venice.
VENETIAN BLIND, noun. A blind consisting of overlapping horizontal, flat slats, usually made of metal, vinyl or wood, that can be tilted so as to let in more or less light.
VENETIAN BLINDS, noun. Plural of Venetian blind
VENETIAN CERUSE, noun. A cosmetic containing cerussite, which was used as a skin whitener during the 16th century and caused lead poisoning.
VENETIAN RED, noun. A brownish red colour.
VENETIAN RED, adjective. Of a brownish red colour.
VENETIAN REDS, noun. Plural of Venetian red
VENETIAN SWELL, noun. A swell organ with blinds patterned on Venetian blinds closing the swell box
VENETIAN SWELLS, noun. Plural of Venetian swell

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VENETIAN, noun. A resident of Venice.
VENETIAN, adjective. Of or relating to or characteristic of Venice or its people; "Venetian glass"; "Venetian canals".

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