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MALTESE, noun. (collectively) The inhabitants of Malta.
MALTESE, noun. An inhabitant or a resident of Malta.
MALTESE, noun. A small breed of dog with a long silky coat.
MALTESE, proper noun. The Semitic language of Malta.
MALTESE, adjective. Of or pertaining to Malta or its language.
MALTESE CAT, noun. Any cat of indeterminate breed, with primarily gray or blue fur.
MALTESE CATS, noun. Plural of Maltese cat
MALTESE CROSS, noun. A cross having four equal arms resembling arrowheads joined at the points
MALTESE CROSS, noun. A flowering plant Lychnis chalcedonica of the family Caryophyllaceae
MALTESE CROSS, noun. (gymnastics) A position on the rings where the gymnast's body is horizontal and straight, with arms to the side; a horizontal planche.
MALTESE CROSS, noun. A Geneva wheel.
MALTESE CROSSES, noun. Plural of Maltese cross
MALTESE ISLANDS, proper noun. An archipelago in the Mediterranean Sea making up the Republic of Malta.

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MALTESE, noun. A native or inhabitant of Malta.
MALTESE, noun. The national language of the Republic of Malta; a Semitic language derived from Arabic but with many loan words from Italian, Spanish, and Norman-French.
MALTESE, noun. A term applied indiscriminately in the United States to any short-haired bluish-grey cat.
MALTESE, noun. Breed of toy dogs having a long straight silky white coat.
MALTESE, adjective. Of or relating to the island or republic of Malta or its inhabitants; "Maltese customs officers".

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