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SUFFERING, adjective. Experiencing pain.
SUFFERING, noun. The condition of someone who suffers; a state of pain or distress.
SUFFERING, verb. Present participle of suffer
SUFFERING CATFISH, interjection. (dated) An exclamation of disgusted dismay.
SUFFERING CATS, interjection. Alternative form of suffering catfish
SUFFERING SUCCOTASH, interjection. An exclamation of dismay.

Dictionary definition

SUFFERING, noun. A state of acute pain.
SUFFERING, noun. Misery resulting from affliction.
SUFFERING, noun. Psychological suffering; "the death of his wife caused him great distress".
SUFFERING, noun. Feelings of mental or physical pain.
SUFFERING, adjective. Troubled by pain or loss; "suffering refugees".
SUFFERING, adjective. Very unhappy; full of misery; "he felt depressed and miserable"; "a message of hope for suffering humanity"; "wretched prisoners huddled in stinking cages".

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