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GRIEF, noun. Suffering, hardship. [from early 13th c.]
GRIEF, noun. Pain of mind arising from misfortune, significant personal loss, misconduct of oneself or others, etc.; sorrow; sadness. [from early 14th c.]
GRIEF, noun. (countable) Cause or instance of sorrow or pain; that which afflicts or distresses; trial.
GRIEF, verb. (online gaming) To deliberately harass and annoy or cause grief to other players of a game in order to interfere with their enjoyment of it; especially, to do this as one’s primary activity in the game. [from late 20th Century]
GRIEF TOURIST, noun. One who journeys to areas where tragedies have occurred for that reason

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GRIEF, noun. Intense sorrow caused by loss of a loved one (especially by death).
GRIEF, noun. Something that causes great unhappiness; "her death was a great grief to John".

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