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TRAUMATIC, adjective. Of, caused by, or causing trauma
TRAUMATIC, adjective. (medicine) (dated) Of or relating to wounds; applied to wounds.
TRAUMATIC, adjective. (dated) Adapted to the cure of wounds; vulnerary.
TRAUMATIC, adjective. Produced by wounds.
TRAUMATIC, noun. (dated) (medicine) A medicine for wounds; a vulnerary.
TRAUMATIC ACID, noun. (organic compound) a dicarboxylic acid found in plants
TRAUMATIC ALOPECIA, noun. (medicine) A condition where the subject pulls their own hair out, causing bald patches.
TRAUMATIC ALOPECIAS, noun. Plural of traumatic alopecia
TRAUMATIC BRAIN INJURIES, noun. Plural of traumatic brain injury
TRAUMATIC BRAIN INJURY, noun. (medicine) A traumatic injury to the brain caused by an external force.

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TRAUMATIC, adjective. Of or relating to a physical injury or wound to the body.
TRAUMATIC, adjective. Psychologically painful;"few experiences are more traumatic than losing a child";.

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