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PANIC, adjective. (now rare) Pertaining to the god Pan.
PANIC, adjective. Of fear, fright etc: sudden or overwhelming (attributed by the ancient Greeks to the influence of Pan).
PANIC, noun. Overpowering fright, often affecting groups of people or animals.
PANIC, noun. (finance) (economics) Rapid reduction in asset prices due to broad efforts to raise cash in anticipation of continuing decline in asset prices.
PANIC, verb. To feel overwhelming fear.
PANIC, noun. (botany) A plant of the genus Panicum.
PANIC, adjective. Pandean
PANIC ATTACK, noun. A sudden period of intense anxiety, mounting physiological arousal, fear, stomach problems and discomfort that are associated with a variety of somatic and cognitive symptoms.
PANIC ATTACKS, noun. Plural of panic attack
PANIC BUTTON, noun. An emergency button which, when pressed, alerts authorities of danger or triggers an alarm system.
PANIC BUYING, noun. (business) (finance) The buying of commodities or other assets earlier than normal, or in quantities greater than normal, because of rumours of coming shortages or price rises.
PANIC DISORDER, noun. An anxiety disorder involving severe recurring anxiety attacks.
PANIC REV, noun. (sports) In motocross, the revving of the engine the airborne engine, if the front wheel of the bike is too low after executing a jump. The purpose is to accelerate the rotation of the rear tire, thereby raising the front end of the bike.
PANIC ROOM, noun. A safe room.
PANIC ROOMS, noun. Plural of panic room
PANIC SNAP, noun. A device that allows a rope or cable to be released quickly and easily, such as one made for horses with a ring that releases anything attached to the snap, instantly.

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PANIC, noun. An overwhelming feeling of fear and anxiety.
PANIC, noun. Sudden mass fear and anxiety over anticipated events; "panic in the stock market"; "a war scare"; "a bomb scare led them to evacuate the building".
PANIC, verb. Be overcome by a sudden fear; "The students panicked when told that final exams were less than a week away".
PANIC, verb. Cause sudden fear in or fill with sudden panic; "The mere thought of an isolation cell panicked the prisoners".

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