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HEADLONG, adverb. With the head first or down.
HEADLONG, adverb. With an unrestrained forward motion.
HEADLONG, adverb. Rashly; precipitately; without deliberation.
HEADLONG, adjective. Precipitous.
HEADLONG, adjective. Plunging downwards head foremost.
HEADLONG, adjective. Rushing forward without restraint.
HEADLONG, adjective. (figuratively) Reckless, impetuous.
HEADLONG, verb. (transitive) To precipitate.

Dictionary definition

HEADLONG, adverb. With the head foremost; "the runner slid headlong into third base".
HEADLONG, adverb. At breakneck speed; "burst headlong through the gate".
HEADLONG, adverb. In a hasty and foolhardy manner; "he fell headlong in love with his cousin".
HEADLONG, adjective. Excessively quick; "made a hasty exit"; "a headlong rush to sell".
HEADLONG, adjective. With the head foremost; "a headfirst plunge down the stairs"; "a headlong dive into the pool".

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