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FLIGHT, noun. The act of flying.
FLIGHT, noun. An instance of flying.
FLIGHT, noun. A collective term for doves or swallows.
FLIGHT, noun. A journey made by an aircraft, eg a balloon, plane or space shuttle, particularly one between two airports, which needs to be reserved in advance.
FLIGHT, noun. The act of fleeing. (Flight is the noun which corresponds to the verb flee.)
FLIGHT, noun. A set of stairs or an escalator. A series of stairs between landings.
FLIGHT, noun. A floor which is reached by stairs or escalators.
FLIGHT, noun. A feather on an arrow or dart used to help it follow an even path.
FLIGHT, noun. A paper plane.
FLIGHT, noun. (cricket) The movement of a spinning ball through the air - concerns its speed, trajectory and drift.
FLIGHT, noun. The ballistic trajectory of an arrow or other projectile.
FLIGHT, noun. An aerodynamic surface designed to guide such a projectile's trajectory.
FLIGHT, noun. An air force unit.
FLIGHT, noun. Several sample glasses of a specific wine varietal or other beverage. The pours are smaller than a full glass and the flight will generally include three to five different samples.
FLIGHT, noun. (engineering) The shaped material forming the thread of a screw.
FLIGHT, adjective. (obsolete) Fast, swift.
FLIGHT, verb. (cricket) (of a spin bowler) To throw the ball in such a way that it has more airtime and more spin than usual.
FLIGHT, noun. The act of fleeing.
FLIGHT ATTENDANT, noun. A member of the crew (staff) of an airplane who is responsible for the comfort and safety of its passengers.
FLIGHT ATTENDANTS, noun. Plural of flight attendant
FLIGHT CEILING, noun. The highest altitude at which an aircraft may fly due to physical factors, such as low air density.
FLIGHT CREW, noun. An aircrew.
FLIGHT DATA RECORDER, noun. A device which records various performance parameters of an aircraft; especially one designed to survive an impact and thus help in finding the causes of an accident; along with the cockpit voice recorder, it is part of the flight recorder
FLIGHT DATA RECORDERS, noun. Plural of flight data recorder
FLIGHT DECK, noun. The deck of an aircraft carrier, on which aircraft can land and take off.
FLIGHT DECK, noun. The cockpit of a large aircraft.
FLIGHT DECKS, noun. Plural of flight deck
FLIGHT ENGINEER, noun. A member of the flight crew in aircraft who monitors and operates all aircraft systems.
FLIGHT FEATHER, noun. (ornithology) Any asymmetrical feather of the wing or tail of a bird.
FLIGHT FEATHERS, noun. Plural of flight feather
FLIGHT INTERRUPTION MANIFEST, noun. (aviation) A substitute ticket issued by an airline due to a schedule change or other disruption to their service, allowing travel on another airline.
FLIGHT LEVEL, noun. Any of several internationally agreed standard altitudes that are based on atmospheric pressure rather than on true height
FLIGHT LIEUTENANT, noun. A rank in the RAF, between that of flying officer and squadron leader, of a person in charge of a flight of aircraft, equivalent to a Royal Navy lieutenant or an Army captain
FLIGHT LINE, noun. (aviation) The precise movement of a civil photogrammetric aircraft along a predetermined course at a predetermined altitude during the actual photographic run.
FLIGHT LINE, noun. (aviation) The area of an airfield where aircraft may be parked and serviced, including hangars, but not including taxiways or runways.
FLIGHT LINES, noun. Plural of flight line
FLIGHT MODE, noun. (communication) A feature included in some electronic devices that deactivates the device's radio transmitters and receivers. It mostly applies to cell phones, but it is applicable to any electronic device that transmits radio signals as its primary function.
FLIGHT OF EARLS, noun. (Ireland) (historical) the departure into exile of the Irish chieftain Hugh O'Neill and his followers in 1607.
FLIGHT OF EARLS, noun. (Ireland) (poetic) the mass emigration of the younger population in the 1970s and 1980s due to unemployment.
FLIGHT OF FANCY, noun. (idiomatic) An idea, narrative, suggestion, etc. which is extremely imaginative and which appears to be entirely unrealistic, untrue, or impractical; thinking which is very speculative.
FLIGHT PATH, noun. A trajectory, the traveled path of a projectile, rocket or aircraft through the air.
FLIGHT PATH, noun. An airway, the predefined route of travel for an aircraft or spacecraft.
FLIGHT PATHS, noun. Plural of flight path
FLIGHT PLAN, noun. A document filed by a pilot prior to departure, containing essential information about the flight.
FLIGHT RECORDER, noun. A device which records data that would be of use in investigating the cause of an aircraft accident; comprises a flight data recorder and a cockpit voice recorder
FLIGHT RECORDERS, noun. Plural of flight recorder
FLIGHT RISK, noun. (legal) (uncountable) The possibility that a person under the custody of law enforcement will abscond if granted bail.
FLIGHT RISK, noun. (legal) (countable) A person who is considered to be likely to abscond.
FLIGHT RISKS, noun. Plural of flight risk
FLIGHT STATUS, noun. (aviation) (travel) an updated notice of a flight's departure and arrival time compared to its scheduled times.

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FLIGHT, noun. A formation of aircraft in flight.
FLIGHT, noun. An instance of traveling by air; "flying was still an exciting adventure for him".
FLIGHT, noun. A stairway (set of steps) between one floor or landing and the next.
FLIGHT, noun. The act of escaping physically; "he made his escape from the mental hospital"; "the canary escaped from its cage"; "his flight was an indication of his guilt".
FLIGHT, noun. An air force unit smaller than a squadron.
FLIGHT, noun. Passing above and beyond ordinary bounds; "a flight of fancy"; "flights of rhetoric"; "flights of imagination".
FLIGHT, noun. The path followed by an object moving through space.
FLIGHT, noun. A flock of flying birds.
FLIGHT, noun. A scheduled trip by plane between designated airports; "I took the noon flight to Chicago".
FLIGHT, verb. Shoot a bird in flight.
FLIGHT, verb. Fly in a flock; "flighting wild geese".
FLIGHT, verb. Decorate with feathers; "fledge an arrow".

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