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ORBITAL, adjective. Of or relating to an orbit.
ORBITAL, adjective. Of or relating to the eye socket (eyehole).
ORBITAL, noun. (physics) A specification of the energy and probability density of an electron at any point in an atom or molecule
ORBITAL, noun. An orbital motorway
ORBITAL CAVITIES, noun. Plural of orbital cavity
ORBITAL CAVITY, noun. (anatomy) An eye socket.
ORBITAL FORMING, noun. Orbital riveting
ORBITAL INDEX, noun. (anatomy) In the skull, the ratio of the vertical height to the transverse width of the orbit, which is taken as the standard, equal to 100.
ORBITAL MOTORWAY, noun. Ring road
ORBITAL PLANE, noun. (astronomy) The surface (plane) that contains an orbit.
ORBITAL QUANTUM NUMBER, noun. Azimuthal quantum number
ORBITAL RIDGE, noun. The bony ridge beneath the eyebrow; the browbone
ORBITAL RIVETING, noun. A form of riveting involving a rotating peen tool mounted at an angle
ORBITAL SANDER, noun. A hand-held sander that vibrates in small circles, or orbits.
ORBITAL SYMMETRY, noun. (physics) (chemistry) The properties of an atomic orbital or molecular orbital that characterize its symmetry; especially those properties that are conserved in a chemical reaction.

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ORBITAL, adjective. Of or relating to an orbit; "orbital revolution"; "orbital velocity".
ORBITAL, adjective. Of or relating to the eye socket; "orbital scale"; "orbital arch".

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