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ANOMALY, noun. A deviation from a rule or from what is regarded as normal.
ANOMALY, noun. Something or someone that is strange or unusual.
ANOMALY, noun. (science) Any event or measurement that is out of the ordinary regardless of whether it is exceptional or not.
ANOMALY, noun. (astronomy) Any of various angular distances.
ANOMALY, noun. (biology) A defect or malformation.
ANOMALY, noun. (quantum physics) A failure of a classical symmetry due to quantum corrections.
ANOMALY, noun. (dated) An irregularity or disproportion.

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ANOMALY, noun. Deviation from the normal or common order or form or rule.
ANOMALY, noun. A person who is unusual.
ANOMALY, noun. (astronomy) position of a planet as defined by its angular distance from its perihelion (as observed from the sun).

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