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OSCILLATION, noun. The act of oscillating or the state of being oscillated
OSCILLATION, noun. A regular periodic fluctuation in value about some mean
OSCILLATION, noun. A single such cycle
OSCILLATION, noun. (mathematics) (of a function) defined for each point \(x\) in the domain of the function by \(\inf\left\{\mathrm{diam}(f(U))\mid U\mathrm{\ is\ a\ neighborhood\ of\ }x\right\}\), and describes the difference (possibly ∞) between the limit superior and limit inferior of the function near that point.

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OSCILLATION, noun. The process of oscillating between states.
OSCILLATION, noun. (physics) a regular periodic variation in value about a mean.
OSCILLATION, noun. A single complete execution of a periodically repeated phenomenon; "a year constitutes a cycle of the seasons".

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