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PARASITIC, adjective. Pertaining to a biological or symbolic parasite.
PARASITIC, adjective. Drawing upon another organism for sustenance.
PARASITIC, adjective. Exploiting another for personal gain.
PARASITIC, noun. (computing) Component of a circuit that does not show up in a circuit's schematic but does show up in the circuit's behavior.
PARASITIC ELEMENT, noun. (electronics) A circuit element or property that is present within an electrical component, and has a negative effect on the performance of the circuit.
PARASITIC ELEMENT, noun. (radio) An antenna element that receives and re-emits energy from the driven element, which has an effect on the performance of the antenna.
PARASITIC ELEMENTS, noun. Plural of parasitic element
PARASITIC GAP, noun. (grammar) A construction wherein the dropping of an argument is dependent on a covarying argument having been fronted in a local context, as in "Which book did she review without reading?".
PARASITIC GAPS, noun. Plural of parasitic gap

Dictionary definition

PARASITIC, adjective. Relating to or caused by parasites; "parasitic infection".
PARASITIC, adjective. Of or pertaining to epenthesis.
PARASITIC, adjective. Of plants or persons; having the nature or habits of a parasite or leech; living off another; "a wealthy class parasitic upon the labor of the masses"; "parasitic vines that strangle the trees"; "bloodsucking blackmailer"; "his indolent leechlike existence".

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