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PREDATORY, adjective. Of, or relating to a predator.
PREDATORY, adjective. Living by preying on other living animals.
PREDATORY, adjective. (figuratively) Exploiting or victimizing others for personal gain.
PREDATORY PRICING, noun. (economics) A strategy of selling a good or service at a very low price so as to drive one's competitors out of business (at which point one can raise one's prices more freely).

Dictionary definition

PREDATORY, adjective. Characterized by plundering or pillaging or marauding; "bands of marauding Indians"; "predatory warfare"; "a raiding party".
PREDATORY, adjective. Living by preying on other animals especially by catching living prey; "a predatory bird"; "the rapacious wolf"; "raptorial birds"; "ravening wolves"; "a vulturine taste for offal".
PREDATORY, adjective. Living by or given to victimizing others for personal gain; "predatory capitalists"; "a predatory, insensate society in which innocence and decency can prove fatal"- Peter S. Prescott; "a predacious kind of animal--the early geological gangster"- W.E.Swinton.

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