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FEEDER, noun. That which feeds.
FEEDER, noun. That which is used to feed.
FEEDER, noun. A tributary stream, especially of a canal.
FEEDER, noun. A branch line of a railway
FEEDER, noun. A transmission line that feeds the electricity for an electricity substation, or for a transmitter.
FEEDER, noun. (baseball) (slang) (archaic) (1800s) The pitcher.
FEEDER, noun. (video games) (derogatory) A player who is killed by the opposing player or team more than once through lack of skills and experience, thus helping the opposing side.
FEEDER, noun. The participant in feederism who feeds the other (the feedee).
FEEDER CATTLE, noun. (agriculture) Steers or cows that are mature enough to be placed in a feedlot in preparation for slaughter
FEEDER FISH, noun. The name for certain types of inexpensive fish commonly fed as live prey to captive animals, such as sharks and turtles.
FEEDER FUND, noun. An investment fund which does almost all of its investments through a master fund via a master-feeder relationship.
FEEDER RESERVOIR, noun. A reservoir which stores water to maintain the level in a canal.
FEEDER SCHOOL, noun. A school or college, many of whose graduates continue their education at another specific school or college, or enter a specific profession
FEEDER SCHOOLS, noun. Plural of feeder school

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FEEDER, noun. An animal being fattened or suitable for fattening.
FEEDER, noun. Someone who consumes food for nourishment.
FEEDER, noun. A branch that flows into the main stream.
FEEDER, noun. A machine that automatically provides a supply of some material; "the feeder discharged feed into a trough for the livestock".
FEEDER, noun. An outdoor device that supplies food for wild birds.
FEEDER, noun. An animal that feeds on a particular source of food; "a bark feeder"; "a mud feeder".

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