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POLLEN, noun. Fine powder in general, fine flour (16th century usage documented by OED; no longer common.)
POLLEN, noun. A fine granular substance produced in flowers. Technically a collective term for pollen grains (microspores) produced in the anthers of flowering plants. (This specific usage dating from mid 18th century.)
POLLEN COUNT, noun. The measurement of the number of grains of pollen in a cubic meter of air
POLLEN COUNTER, noun. A device used to measure the amount of pollen in the air, to determine the pollen count.
POLLEN COUNTERS, noun. Plural of pollen counter
POLLEN GRAIN, noun. (botany) A single male reproductive particle of which the pollen of a plant consists.
POLLEN GRAINS, noun. Plural of pollen grain
POLLEN PARENT, noun. (botany) The plant that contributes male reproductive material, the pollen.
POLLEN TUBE, noun. The tube that develops from the wall of a pollen grain and, in seed plants, provides a passage through which the male nuclei reach the embryo sac to effect fertilization

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POLLEN, noun. The fine spores that contain male gametes and that are borne by an anther in a flowering plant.

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