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CONE, noun. (geometry) A surface of revolution formed by rotating a segment of a line around another line that intersects the first line.
CONE, noun. (geometry) A solid of revolution formed by rotating a triangle around one of its altitudes.
CONE, noun. (topology) A space formed by taking the direct product of a given space with a closed interval and identifying all of one end to a point.
CONE, noun. Anything shaped like a cone.
CONE, noun. The fruit of a conifer.
CONE, noun. An ice cream cone.
CONE, noun. A traffic cone
CONE, noun. A unit of volume, applied solely to marijuana and only while it is in a smokable state; roughly 1.5 cubic centimetres, depending on use.
CONE, noun. Any of the small cone-shaped structures in the retina.
CONE, noun. (slang) The bowl piece on a bong.
CONE, noun. (slang) The process of smoking cannabis in a bong.
CONE, noun. (slang) A cone-shaped cannabis joint.
CONE, noun. (slang) A passenger on a cruise ship (so-called by employees after traffic cones, from the need to navigate around them)
CONE, noun. (category theory) Given a diagram F : J → C, a cone consists of an object N of C, together with a family of morphisms ψX : N → F(X) indexed by all of the objects of J, such that for every morphism f : X → Y in J, \( F(f) \circ \psi_X = \psi_Y \). Then N is the vertex of the cone, whose sides are all the ψX indexed by Ob(J) and whose base is F. The cone is said to be "from N to F" and can be denoted as (N, ψ).
CONE, noun. A shell of the genus Conus, having a conical form.
CONE, noun. A set of formal languages with certain desirable closure properties, in particular those of the regular languages, the context-free languages and the recursively enumerable languages.
CONE, verb. (pottery) To fashion into the shape of a cone.
CONE, verb. (frequently followed by "off") To segregate or delineate an area using traffic cones
CONE CELL, noun. (anatomy) Any of the photoreceptor cells in the retina that are responsible for colour vision in relatively bright light.
CONE CELLS, noun. Plural of cone cell
CONE HEAD, noun. Alternative form of Conehead
CONE HEADS, noun. Alternative form of Coneheads plural of Cone Head
CONE OF SHAME, noun. (humorous) An Elizabethan collar (protective medical device worn by an animal).

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CONE, noun. Any cone-shaped artifact.
CONE, noun. A shape whose base is a circle and whose sides taper up to a point.
CONE, noun. Cone-shaped mass of ovule- or spore-bearing scales or bracts.
CONE, noun. A visual receptor cell in the retina that is sensitive to bright light and to color.
CONE, verb. Make cone-shaped; "cone a tire".

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