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MARINE, adjective. Of, or pertaining to, the sea (marine biology, marine insurance.)
MARINE, noun. (military) (nautical) A soldier, normally a member of a marine corps, trained to serve on board or from a ship
MARINE, noun. (capitalised in the plural): A marine corps.
MARINE, noun. A painting representing some marine subject.
MARINE, adjective. Of, or pertaining to, a marine corps.
MARINE ACID, noun. Hydrochloric acid
MARINE AERODROME, noun. A type of airport or airfield where the landing and take-off area is a body of water, such as a lake, river, or the sea.
MARINE AERODROMES, noun. Plural of marine aerodrome
MARINE BIOLOGIST, noun. Someone who studies marine biology.
MARINE BIOLOGISTS, noun. Plural of marine biologist
MARINE BIOLOGY, noun. (biology) The branch of biology dealing with organisms that live in the sea.
MARINE CLIMATE, noun. A relatively mild climate moderated by the presence of a large body of water
MARINE CORPS, noun. A military organization of marines, soldiers who are trained and equipped to fight on or from ships.
MARINE CORPS, proper noun. The United States Marine Corps; one of the major divisions of the US military, abbreviated USMC.
MARINE ENGINE, noun. An engine for marine use, installed in a boat or ship. For small vessels, these are usually adapted automotive engines; for large vessels they are specially built for the purpose.
MARINE ENGINES, noun. Plural of marine engine
MARINE INFANTRIES, noun. Plural of marine infantry
MARINE INFANTRY, noun. An infantry corps which is trained/assigned to fight on or after transport by navy ships.
MARINE INTEREST, noun. Interest at any rate agreed on for money lent upon respondentia and bottomry bonds
MARINE LEAGUE, noun. Three geographical miles
MARINE METAL, noun. An alloy of lead, antimony, and mercury, made for sheathing ships.
MARINE SNOW, noun. (marine biology) Sinking organic detritus in the ocean.
MARINE SOAP, noun. Soap made with coconut oil, formerly used on shipboard because of its solubility in salt water
MARINE STINGER, noun. Any venomous box jellyfish.
MARINE STORE, noun. (UK) (historical) A store where old canvas, ropes, etc., are bought and sold; a junk shop.
MARINE TOAD, noun. Cane toad

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MARINE, noun. A member of the United States Marine Corps.
MARINE, noun. A soldier who serves both on shipboard and on land.
MARINE, adjective. Of or relating to the sea; "marine explorations".
MARINE, adjective. Relating to or involving ships or shipping or navigation or seamen; "nautical charts"; "maritime law"; "marine insurance".
MARINE, adjective. Of or relating to military personnel who serve both on land and at sea (specifically the U.S. Marine Corps); "marine barracks".
MARINE, adjective. Relating to or characteristic of or occurring on or in the sea.
MARINE, adjective. Native to or inhabiting the sea; "marine plants and animals such as seaweed and whales".

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