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FOSSIL, noun. The mineralized remains of an animal or plant.
FOSSIL, noun. (paleontology) Any preserved evidence of ancient life, including shells, imprints, burrows, coprolites, and organically-produced chemicals.
FOSSIL, noun. (linguistics) A fossilized term.
FOSSIL, noun. (figuratively) Anything extremely old, extinct, or outdated.
FOSSIL FOOL, noun. (pejorative) (slang) One who uses fossil fuels without concern for their environmental impact.
FOSSIL FOOLS, noun. Plural of fossil fool
FOSSIL FUEL, noun. Any fuel derived from hydrocarbon deposits such as coal, petroleum, natural gas and, to some extent, peat; these fuels are non-renewable, and their burning generates the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide
FOSSIL FUELS, noun. Plural of fossil fuel
FOSSIL OIL, noun. Crude oil
FOSSIL RECORD, noun. The collective record of biological development that is reflected in the fossilized remains of organisms through geological history.
FOSSIL RECORD, noun. The record of preserved evidence for a single species or taxon.
FOSSIL RECORDS, noun. Plural of fossil record
FOSSIL WATER, noun. Water that has remained in an aquifer for a long timespan, usually thousands or millions of years.

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FOSSIL, noun. Someone whose style is out of fashion.
FOSSIL, noun. The remains (or an impression) of a plant or animal that existed in a past geological age and that has been excavated from the soil.
FOSSIL, adjective. Characteristic of a fossil.

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