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VERTEX, noun. The highest point of something.
VERTEX, noun. (anatomy) The highest surface on the skull.
VERTEX, noun. (geometry) The common point of the two rays of the angle, or its equivalent structure in polyhedra (meeting of edges) and higher order polytopes.
VERTEX, noun. (mathematics) A point on the curve with a local minimum or maximum of curvature.
VERTEX, noun. (graph theory) One of the elements of a graph joined or not by edges to other vertices.
VERTEX, noun. (computer graphics) A point in 3D space, usually given in terms of its Cartesian coordinates.
VERTEX, noun. (optics) The point where the surface of a lens crosses the optical axis.
VERTEX, noun. (nuclear or particle physics) An interaction point.
VERTEX, noun. (astrology) The point where the prime vertical meets the ecliptic in the western hemisphere of a natal chart.
VERTEX COVER, noun. (graph theory) a set of vertices which touch all the edges of a graph

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VERTEX, noun. The point of intersection of lines or the point opposite the base of a figure.
VERTEX, noun. The highest point (of something); "at the peak of the pyramid".

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