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CONVEX, adjective. Curved or bowed outward like the outside of a bowl or sphere or circle
CONVEX, adjective. (mathematics) (not comparable) (of a set) arranged such that for any two points in the set, a straight line between the two points is contained within the set.
CONVEX, adjective. (geometry) (not comparable) (of a polygon) having no internal angles greater than 180 degrees.
CONVEX, adjective. (functional analysis) (not comparable) (of a real-valued function on the reals) having an epigraph which is a convex set.
CONVEX, noun. Any convex body or surface.
CONVEX COMBINATION, noun. (linear algebra) A linear combination (of vectors in Euclidean space) in which the coefficients are non-negative and all add up to one.
CONVEX FUNCTION, noun. (computer science) A mathematical function where the line segment between any two points on the graph of the function lies above the graph in a vector space of at least two dimensions.
CONVEX FUNCTIONS, noun. Plural of convex function
CONVEX HULL, noun. (mathematics) The smallest convex set of points in which a given set of points is contained.
CONVEX HULLS, noun. Plural of convex hull
CONVEX LENS, noun. (optics) A lens having at least one convex surface, such that light passing through it may be brought to a focus.
CONVEX SET, noun. (mathematics) A set which contains any convex combination of any (finite) subset of its points.

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CONVEX, adjective. Curving or bulging outward.

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