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SYMMETRIC, adjective. Symmetrical.
SYMMETRIC, adjective. (set theory) Of a relation R on a set S, such that xRy if and only if yRx for all members x and y of S (that is, if the relation holds between any element and a second, it also holds between the second and the first).
SYMMETRIC, adjective. (cryptography) Using the same key (or keys that are trivially related) for both encryption and decryption.
SYMMETRIC DIFFERENCE, noun. (set theory) The set that contains all elements belonging to either of given two sets but not to the both; the relative complement of the intersection in the union of given two sets.
SYMMETRIC FUNCTION, noun. (mathematics) Any function, of multiple variables, whose value is independent of the order of the variables i.e. f(a,b) = f(b,a)
SYMMETRIC FUNCTIONS, noun. Plural of symmetric function
SYMMETRIC GROUP, noun. (mathematics) A group whose elements are precisely all of the bijections of some set with itself and whose operation is composition of those bijections.
SYMMETRIC GROUPS, noun. Plural of symmetric group
SYMMETRIC MATRICES, noun. Plural of symmetric matrix
SYMMETRIC MATRIX, noun. (mathematics) A square matrix that is its own transpose, and is thereby symmetric about the main diagonal
SYMMETRIC POLYNOMIAL, noun. (algebra) A polynomial which remains unchanged if its variables are permuted
SYMMETRIC POLYNOMIALS, noun. Plural of symmetric polynomial

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SYMMETRIC, adjective. Having similarity in size, shape, and relative position of corresponding parts.

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