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CONICAL, adjective. (geometry) Of or relating to a cone or cones.
CONICAL, adjective. Shaped like a cone.
CONICAL, noun. (firearms) A bullet with a conical shape.
CONICAL BUOY, noun. (nautical) a buoy in the shape of a cone, normally painted black, and numbered with odd numbers, used to show the starboard side of a channel; the port side is marked with a can buoy
CONICAL DRUM, noun. (musical instrument) A typically single-headed drum (membranophone) with one end larger than the other, and a body that slopes towards one end, forming a conical shape.
CONICAL DRUMS, noun. Plural of conical drum
CONICAL FLASK, noun. (chemistry) A glass laboratory flask of a conical profile with a narrow tubular neck and a flat bottom, used to manipulate solutions or to carry out titrations
CONICAL FLASKS, noun. Plural of conical flask

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CONICAL, adjective. Relating to or resembling a cone; "conical mountains"; "conelike fruit".

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