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MITE, noun. A minute arachnid, of the order Acarina, of which there are many species; as, the cheese mite, sugar mite, harvest mite, etc. See Acarina.
MITE, noun. A small coin formerly circulated in England, rated at about a third of a farthing.
MITE, noun. A lepton, a small coin used in Palestine in the time of Christ.
MITE, noun. A small weight; one twentieth of a grain.
MITE, noun. Anything very small; a minute object; a very little quantity or particle. Sometimes used adverbially.
MITE CHEESE, noun. Milbenkäse, a German specialty cheese that is produced by using Tyroglyphus casei cheese mites

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MITE, noun. A slight but appreciable amount; "this dish could use a touch of garlic".
MITE, noun. Any of numerous very small to minute arachnids often infesting animals or plants or stored foods.

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