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ANT, noun. Any of various insects in the family Formicidae in the order Hymenoptera, typically living in large colonies composed almost entirely of flightless females.
ANT, noun. (Internet) A Web spider.
ANT, verb. (ornithology) To rub insects, especially ants, on one's body, perhaps to control parasites or clean feathers.
ANT, proper noun. A diminutive of the male given name Anthony.
ANT, symbol. The ISO 3166-1 three-letter (alpha-3) code for the Netherlands Antilles.
ANT BEAR, noun. Aardvark (Orycteropus afer)
ANT BEAR, noun. Giant anteater (Myrmecophaga tridactyla)
ANT BEARS, noun. Plural of ant bear
ANT BEETLE, noun. A species of beetle that resembles a large ant, Thanasimus formicarius.
ANT CATTLE, noun. Ant cows
ANT COW, noun. Any aphid from which ants obtain honeydew.
ANT COWS, noun. Plural of ant cow
ANT EGG, noun. A small white egg-shaped pupa or cocoon of the ant, often seen in or around anthills.
ANT EGGS, noun. Plural of ant egg
ANT FARM, noun. A glass-sided dirt-filled box containing ants, normally used as a biological study tool.
ANT LION, noun. Alternative form of antlion
ANT MILL, noun. A phenomenon where a group of army ants separated from the main foraging party lose the pheromone track and begin to follow one another, forming a continuously rotating circle. The ants will eventually die of exhaustion.
ANT MILLS, noun. Plural of ant mill
ANT MOUND, noun. Anthill
ANT ORCHID, noun. An orchid, Chiloglottis formicifera, originally from New Zealand.
ANT ORCHIDS, noun. Plural of ant orchid
ANT RATTAN, noun. Any species of rattan frequently inhabited by ants, especially Korthalsia scaphigera.
ANT RICE, noun. A species of grass (Aristida oligantha) cultivated by the agricultural ants of Texas for the sake of its seed.
ANT SAND, noun. An ant killing powder in granulated form.
ANT THRUSH, noun. Either of two insectivorous thrushes: Neocossyphus rufus (the red-tailed ant thrush) and Neocossyphus poensis (the white-tailed ant thrush).
ANT THRUSHES, noun. Plural of ant thrush

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ANT, noun. Social insect living in organized colonies; characteristically the males and fertile queen have wings during breeding season; wingless sterile females are the workers.

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