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ROACH, noun. Certain members of the fish family Cyprinidae, including:
ROACH, noun. Species in the genus Rutilus, especially:
ROACH, noun. The common roach (Rutilus rutilus)
ROACH, noun. The California roach, of the monotypic genus Hesperoleucus
ROACH, noun. (US) A cockroach.
ROACH, noun. (US) (slang) (smoking) A butt of a marijuana cigarette.
ROACH, noun. (UK) (slang) (smoking) The filter of a rolled cigarette or joint, made from card or paper.
ROACH, noun. (nautical) An extra curve of material added to the leech edge of a sail to increase the sail area.
ROACH, noun. A kind of headdress worn by some of the indigenous peoples of North America.
ROACH, proper noun. A surname​.
ROACH CLIP, noun. A clip or holder (usually a 1" electrical alligator clamp,) that is attached to a hand-rolled marijuana cigarette, so that less marijuana is wasted.
ROACH COACH, noun. (idiomatic) (humorous) A catering or food truck.
ROACH MOTEL, noun. (derogatory) A low-priced motel in a state of disrepair.
ROACH MOTELS, noun. Plural of roach motel

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ROACH, noun. A roll of hair brushed back from the forehead.
ROACH, noun. The butt of a marijuana cigarette.
ROACH, noun. Street names for flunitrazepan.
ROACH, noun. Any of numerous chiefly nocturnal insects; some are domestic pests.
ROACH, noun. European freshwater food fish having a greenish back.
ROACH, verb. Comb (hair) into a roach.
ROACH, verb. Cut the mane off (a horse).

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