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JAY, noun. Any one of the numerous species of birds belonging to several genera within the family Corvidae, including Garrulus, Cyanocitta, Aphelocoma, Perisoreus, Cyanocorax, Gymnorhinus, Cyanolyca, Ptilostomus, and Calocitta, allied to the crows, but smaller, more graceful in form, often handsomely colored, usually having a crest, and often noisy.
JAY, noun. Other birds of similar appearance and behavior.
JAY, noun. (archaic) A dull or ignorant person. It survives today in the term jaywalking.
JAY, noun. (slang) A marijuana cigarette; a joint.
JAY, noun. The name of the Latin-script letter J/j.
JAY, proper noun. A nickname for James, Jason, or for any male name beginning with a "J"; also used as a formal given name.
JAY, proper noun. A nickname of female names beginning with a "J".
JAY THRUSH, noun. Any of several species of Asiatic songbirds, of the genera Garrulax and Grammatoptila and related genera of the family Leiothrichidae.

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JAY, noun. United States diplomat and jurist who negotiated peace treaties with Britain and served as the first chief justice of the United States Supreme Court (1745-1829).
JAY, noun. Crested largely blue bird.

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