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RAVEN, noun. A common name for several, generally large and lustrous black species of birds in the genus Corvus, especially the common raven, Corvus corax.
RAVEN, adjective. Of the color of the raven; jet-black
RAVEN, noun. Rapine; rapacity.
RAVEN, noun. Prey; plunder; food obtained by violence.
RAVEN, verb. (archaic) To obtain or seize by violence.
RAVEN, verb. To devour with great eagerness.
RAVEN, verb. To prey with rapacity; to be greedy; to show rapacity.
RAVEN, proper noun. A female given name for a girl with raven hair, used since the 1970s.
RAVEN PARADOX, noun. Hempel's paradox

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RAVEN, noun. Large black bird with a straight bill and long wedge-shaped tail.
RAVEN, verb. Obtain or seize by violence.
RAVEN, verb. Prey on or hunt for; "These mammals predate certain eggs".
RAVEN, verb. Eat greedily; "he devoured three sandwiches".
RAVEN, verb. Feed greedily; "The lions ravened the bodies".

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