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ALIGHT, verb. (transitive) To make light or less heavy; lighten; alleviate.
ALIGHT, verb. (intransitive) (with from) To spring down, get down, or descend, as from on horseback or from a carriage; to dismount.
ALIGHT, verb. (intransitive) (with on) To descend and settle, lodge, rest, or stop.
ALIGHT, verb. (intransitive) To come or chance (upon).
ALIGHT, verb. (transitive) To light; light up; illuminate.
ALIGHT, verb. (transitive) To set light to; light.
ALIGHT, adjective. Lit, on fire, switched on.
ALIGHT, adjective. (figuratively) Lit; on fire, burning.

Dictionary definition

ALIGHT, verb. To come to rest, settle; "Misfortune lighted upon him".
ALIGHT, verb. Come down; "the birds alighted".
ALIGHT, adjective. Lighted up by or as by fire or flame; "forests set ablaze (or afire) by lightning"; "even the car's tires were aflame"; "a night aflare with fireworks"; "candles alight on the tables"; "houses on fire".

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